Gwyneth’s Slow Roasted Tomatoes

daisi - October 25, 2013

These tomatoes are a must. Must make. Must try. They are so easy and they can be used for SO many things. Add them to a pizza, pasta or salad. Eat them with cheese and crackers. Eat them by themselves. Something about slow roasting transforms these tomatoes into a delicate addition to your meal. It’s vegan and vegetarian and paleo and all of those things. …

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“real” food recipes

daisi - March 5, 2013
real food

My Lenten venture this year is complicated. I have decided I will try to cut out processed foods during Lent and continue thereafter as a lifelong way of eating. Now, this being said, I know it won’t be possible 100% of the time, but I’m making a conscious effort to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. I’m using the blog 100 days of real food as my …

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my January menu

daisi - February 1, 2013
my menu

Since I wasn’t really great at keeping up with my weekly menu recaps last year, I decided to try something different this year: a monthly recap. You can click most of the pics below to take you to the recipe. And, here is what I made in January… enjoy. Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls | Technically I made these in 2012, BUT we had them for breakfast …

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slow-cooker red curry beef

daisi - January 11, 2013
2013_slow cooker red curry beef_08

I found this recipe in my Paleo Slow Cooking cookbook. I think it’s safe to say that I am slightly obsessed with red curry. I could put it on anything, well, almost anything. I’ve put it on pad thai, fried rice, and roasted veggies. It exotic and delicious and, to my surprise, easy to make at home. All you need is red curry paste and …

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cauliflower rice

daisi - January 9, 2013

Since it’s the new year, it’s resolution time. Eat healthy, go to the gym, be a better person, stop your bad habits, etc. I have actually been boycotting the gym because all of the classes are over-crowded and everyone looks at you like you’re starting a resolution too. I say this because this is a healthy recipe, so I feel the need to defend it. …

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Paleo Slow-Cooker Tortilla-less Chicken Soup

daisi - December 28, 2012
slow cooker tortilla soup

I bought this cookbook on a whim after seeing it on pinterest. I thought some healthier slow-cooker recipes could be beneficial, especially going into the winter months. The first recipe I made was the tortilla-less chicken soup and we loved it. I already had cooked chicken, so we just made this on the stove top in about 15-20 minutes. Very easy and great results – the leftovers …

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menu recap [week 36]

daisi - September 13, 2012

[Monday – Labor Day] With leftover hamburger meat from the Whiskey-Mustard Meatballs, I stuck with the Pioneer Woman kick and made her delicious patty melts for dinner on Monday. Let’s just say the main ingredients are meat, butter and cheese… so, for obvious reasons this recipe should be labeled as “healthy.” So worth the artery clogging though. Seriously. Also on Monday I made these lemon glazed lemon …

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crustless quiche with spinach & bacon

daisi - May 30, 2012

So in an attempt to shed some last minute poundage, I went low carb for a week or two before the wedding. We all know that carbs are the devil, but bacon? Bacon is our low carb best friend. So I whipped up a quick crustless bacon and spinach quiche. It’s so delicious, you won’t even miss the crust. Promise. Here’s what you’ll need: 3 slices …

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menu recap [weeks 15 -18]

daisi - May 10, 2012
menu recap pink

Sorry guys – I promise I have some great recipes coming up. But for now, here is what I cooked the past 4 weeks. Not a lot, but some good things I’d like to share. In no particular order at all, mainly because I can’t remember back that far… Zesty Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken from I made this for a friend who just had a …

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Meatballs with Zucchini & Tomatoes

daisi - May 1, 2012

Around here it’s wedding go-time. AKA – no more procrastinating, which includes the diet. So, I am attempting to cut carbs for the next 3 weeks (excluding the bachelorette party this weekend) in a last minute attempt to shed some pounds and get a flatter tummy. Which brings me to this great website for low-carb, healthy, satisfying meals. It’s Paleo Plan and whether you’re dieting or …

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