Spinach-y Alfredo

daisi - March 29, 2011

Do I make a lot of pasta? It sure seems like it. Note to self, stop eating so many carbs! At least this one I tried to make a little healthier by adding spinach, right? Right. (At least that’s what I’ll tell myself). Just try to ignore the stick of butter and the handfuls of cheese. Using a spinach pasta gives the classic Italian dish, …

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Pork: The Other Piccata

daisi - January 30, 2011

I love chicken piccata…at Italian restaurants it’s my go-to order. It’s always flavorful and deliciously salty from the abundance of capers and lemons. I found myself with some pork cutlets and thought, why couldn’t there be a pork piccata to join the ranks of veal and chicken. Ingredients 4 pork cutlets (pounded thin) (if you can’t find them already cut and pounded, buy 2 pork …

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Welsh Rarebit Anyone?

daisi - May 21, 2010

Welsh Rarebit.  This has to be the strangest name for a “dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients.” Regardless of the name, this stuff is delicious. That’s why when Rachael Ray turned it into a mac & cheese recipe, I was instantly into it. Also, any recipe that starts with the phrase “melt a stick of butter” has my …

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