my march menu

daisi - May 1, 2013
my MARCH menu

This is a bit late… I apologize. You know how it goes. Life happens fast and next thing you know it’s May. You blink and you live in a new house. You wake up from a nap and you’re 31. I’ve heard it never slows down, so I’m going to adjust as best I can. As this post is happening a bit late, this is …

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super bowl suggestions

daisi - February 2, 2013

In case any of you are like me and start thinking of super bowl food late-ish… here are some last minute suggestions from my pinterest board. I can’t promise you I’m making any of these, however, they all look football-approved and rather delicious. Please let me know if you make any of them and the results so I know if it’s a good “pin’ or …

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my January menu

daisi - February 1, 2013
my menu

Since I wasn’t really great at keeping up with my weekly menu recaps last year, I decided to try something different this year: a monthly recap. You can click most of the pics below to take you to the recipe. And, here is what I made in January… enjoy. Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls | Technically I made these in 2012, BUT we had them for breakfast …

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buffalo chicken french bread pizzas

daisi - January 22, 2013
buffalo chicken french bread pizzas-05

This recipe was inspired by a blog that I love… How Sweet It Is. I swear, every time one of her recipes pops up in my browser, I die. I pin. I make. I love. I share. Sorry, that got weird. If you’re not following her blog, you need to be. I feel like we’re very similar… her recipes range from healthy food to comfort …

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menu recap [weeks 29 thru 32]

daisi - August 13, 2012

The past few weeks, hell, months have flown by for us. Each week I’ve been meaning to do a “recap” and each week, I forget or it feels like not enough to “recap.” One recipe does not a recap make. Or would it be one recap does not a recipe make. Either way, you get my drift. Not a lot of activity going on in the …

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menu recap [week 22]

daisi - June 2, 2012
menu recap white

Now that I’m done planning a wedding, I can start cooking again! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Our house is finally a LITTLE more organized, still working on getting it completely back to normal, but at least we have a kitchen & dining room table again. Monday: Garlic Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables On one of my days off, I caught an episode …

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menu recap [week 10]

daisi - March 10, 2012
menu recap white

After a Sunday dinner of deep dish pizza at Savastano’s we were left with a LOT of leftovers. So our dinners for Monday & Tuesday weren’t too exciting and didn’t involve cooking. Wednesday, I attended a gnocchi cooking class at the Urban Kitchen on Cherry Street with Molly. So I didn’t really cook that night either. Finally on Thursday I made the first meal of the …

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Indian Pizza

daisi - February 6, 2012

Last week, I made an Indian Pizza inspired by this Rachael Ray recipe. I say “inspired by” because I changed a lot of it to suit my personal tastes. The result was an exotic, flavorful pizza. Feel free to try my version or hers, I’m positive you’ll love them both. It was also a very quick meal, ideal for a weeknight. Here’s what you’ll need: …

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menu recap & the superbowl [week 5]

daisi - February 4, 2012

I didn’t cook a lot this week, but I plan to cook lots of fun appetizers for the big game tomorrow so I thought I’d share in case you were still needing some ideas. This week was pretty busy so the only thing I made at home was homemade pizza. One of my favorites! I made the dough using my brand new kitchen aid and …

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Menu Recap [Week 4]

daisi - January 27, 2012
menu recap blue

Since I was such a slacker last week, I went on recipe overload this week. On Sunday, I went to a super amazing store in OKC that is full of exotic, delicious, and CHEAP food called Super Cao Nguyen. Go, if you live in OKC, it’s quite the experience. Anyway, I found some naan, which I love, for a WAY better price than our grocery …

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