real food recipe

vegetarian soba noodle stir-fry

daisi - March 18, 2013
2013_vegetarian soba noodles_06

I found this recipe in my quest for “real” food. It’s vegetarian. It’s vegan. It’s “real”. It’s customizable. It’s filling. It’s delicious. Substitute any of your favorite veggies for a dish that is all your own. I meant to add mushrooms and obviously that didn’t happen. I think a 1/2 of an onion would be good in this too. Change it up, see what you …

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“real” food recipes

daisi - March 5, 2013
real food

My Lenten venture this year is complicated. I have decided I will try to cut out processed foods during Lent and continue thereafter as a lifelong way of eating. Now, this being said, I know it won’t be possible 100% of the time, but I’m making a conscious effort to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. I’m using the blog 100 days of real food as my …

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valentine’s day 2013

daisi - March 4, 2013
garlic scallops

This year for Valentine’s Day we stuck with our tradition of going out to dinner with Sam’s mom and this year, Alison was able to join us. We chose a very romantic meal… coneys. Nothing says love like chili and cheese! On Friday, we chose to celebrate our first married Valentine’s Day by staying in and cooking a delicious meal by ourselves. Sam wanted to …

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my february menu

daisi - March 1, 2013

Here’s what we made during February – some oldies but goodies! browned butter risotto | risotto? good. browned butter? good. browned butter risotto? GREAT! brined pork chops with spaghetti squash | these pork chops were to die for, I loved the sweet/savory flavor that the brine gives. My spaghetti squash technique needs some work though… I baked it for double the time listed in the recipe …

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green curry shrimp

daisi - March 1, 2013
green curry shrimp_5

This meal was so delicious, I’d put it up against the green curry at my favorite thai place. Considering how easy it was and how healthy, I will certainly be making it again in the near future.  More on this later, but I am in the process of attempting to eliminate processed foods from my life. It’s been challenging, but with the help of 100 …

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tabasco shrimp & sausage jambalaya

daisi - February 12, 2013

Last year we celebrated Fat Tuesday with our friends CJ & Chauntay. They made this fantastic jambalaya that I had to attempt myself this year. I actually made it last night, so I could share with you today. It is very easy and the flavors are incredible. I made it a little healthier by using brown rice and quinoa rather than white rice. {also check out this …

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my January menu

daisi - February 1, 2013
my menu

Since I wasn’t really great at keeping up with my weekly menu recaps last year, I decided to try something different this year: a monthly recap. You can click most of the pics below to take you to the recipe. And, here is what I made in January… enjoy. Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls | Technically I made these in 2012, BUT we had them for breakfast …

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horseradish roasted potatoes

daisi - January 21, 2013
horseradish roasted potatoes

I borrowed this recipe from my friend, (and fantastic cook) Megan V. She posted the pic and shared the recipe on instagram. Thank goodness for social media, right? I know there are some who judge food pics on instagram, but I would never. I love getting ideas for new recipes and what better way to make you crave a dish than by posting yummy pictures? I made these for …

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red onion salad dressing

daisi - January 16, 2013
red onion salad dressing NEW

My mom is the one to thank for this refreshing salad dressing. She brought me a jar and when it was gone in a week, I asked for the recipe. This recipe is easy to tweak to make it your own. I added garlic, because, why not? And you can adjust the spices to your taste to make it your own. Use it over your …

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cauliflower rice

daisi - January 9, 2013

Since it’s the new year, it’s resolution time. Eat healthy, go to the gym, be a better person, stop your bad habits, etc. I have actually been boycotting the gym because all of the classes are over-crowded and everyone looks at you like you’re starting a resolution too. I say this because this is a healthy recipe, so I feel the need to defend it. …

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