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menu recap [weeks 15 -18]

daisi - May 10, 2012
menu recap pink

Sorry guys – I promise I have some great recipes coming up. But for now, here is what I cooked the past 4 weeks. Not a lot, but some good things I’d like to share. In no particular order at all, mainly because I can’t remember back that far… Zesty Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken from I made this for a friend who just had a …

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Chicken Tamale Casserole

daisi - February 26, 2012

I love getting recommendations of blogs to follow through other great blogs. It’s like book recommendations or something, they’re always better when you know the source suggesting them. That is how I came to find the elefantitas alegres blog. Although, I can’t recall which blog introduced me, I have been a loyal follower for quite a while now. Kate does menu recaps pretty often and I …

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menu recap [week 8]

daisi - February 24, 2012
menu recap

This week(end) started off with some pancakes on the griddle, sounds nice right? Well…………………. about half-way through cooking, I noticed a lot of smoke. A LOT. Turns out, that under the griddle a grease fire had started. EEK. Luckily we were able to contain it and smother it. A little excitement for Sunday morning! The pancakes got a little burnt, but still tasted pretty delicious. …

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menu recap [weeks 6 & 7]

daisi - February 17, 2012
menu recap white

[Week 6] The superbowl food coma, combined with a mid-week ski trip meant not a lot of cooking for me this week. We had such a successful, very small, get together for the superbowl.  Everything turned out great and I ate my weight in all the delicious snacks. Of course P-Dub made an appearance…with the BBQ Whiskey Sliders… huge hit. And you can’t do football without …

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Slow-Cooker Indian Curry

daisi - February 4, 2012

You know me and how much I love a slow-cooker recipe. And I love to try new things. The Crockpot 365 Blog is a great resource for finding delicious and easy recipes for your crockpot. I decided to try this Indian curry dish and it was pretty tasty. Full disclosure, I am more of a Thai curry person, than an Indian curry person. But as …

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Stock

daisi - January 16, 2012
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You guys know how much I love vegetable stock, I use it in everything. But there are some times when you need chicken stock. Like when you’re making chicken noodle soup, for example. Chicken stock, any stock for that matter, is made delicious by simmering for hours upon hours. Perfect thing to make on a weekend if you plan to be home all day long. …

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Menu Recap [Weeks 1 & 2]

daisi - January 13, 2012
menu recap white

I fell behind on my menu recaps for one week. The only thing I cooked the first week of the year was chili. So there really wasn’t anything to “recap” – I did share the recipe so that counts right? I also “cooked” a pie last week, that I shared with you on Monday: PDub’s Mocha Silk Pie. We did make it out for dinner …

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

daisi - December 15, 2011

I love Indian food and earlier this year I got brave enough to attempt to make it at home. And it actually turned out great. Better than great. So good that when I hosted another girls’ night, people requested Indian food. So I decided to attempt this slow-cooker chicken tikka masala. And it was so good that after said girls’ night, a friend has since …

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French Dip Sandwiches

daisi - December 4, 2011

As promised, here is your recipe for the French Dip Sandwiches we had last week. The recipe originated from the Baking Bites blog that I discovered through pinterest.  This recipe was ridiculously easy (as are most crock pot recipes) and is going straight to my “keeper” folder on pinterest because the results were so good. I just love easy, delicious recipes This is all you’ll need: approx …

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Slow Cooking: Chicken Korma

daisi - February 11, 2011
slow cooker

I love the convenience and ease of a crockpot and I know I’m not the only one. There are dozens (okay, millions) of slow cooker recipes available for every type of food imaginable out there. A great resource for all things slow cooked is the Year of Slow Cooking blog. Which is exactly where I found this classic Indian recipe for Chicken Korma. Get it …

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